Ashley Bilodeau is a self taught photographer and artist located in Chatham, MA, who's work is layered in Seascapes, Portraits - Yoga and Family, and edible subjects. At the age of 29, Ashley has had a gallery on Main Street in Chatham, she has also established herself as a known name in the New England Yoga and Outdoor industries. Mixing her love of the Ocean and her inspiration to make the world a more peaceful place, working with her is an undeniable experience as she brings her refined eye and calmness to the subjects she sees. 

 Her gallery " All Points Beautiful " resides at 595 Main Street Chatham, MA, where she is, most days. When she is not there, she is roaming the beaches with her dogs, Darla & Atlas, or exploring some other picturesque scene somewhere in the world. 




595 Main Street

Chatham, MA 02633


+1 508 280 6228